Dear Readers,

Are you sick of the modern day American division across political, religious, racial, and gender lines? Do you want to experience life in an authentic manner, no matter your color, race, gender, sexuality, or religious preference? Well then, you are welcome here. I have created this blog as a safe place to express ideas, opinions, insights, and experiences I have, and to create an atmosphere of love and support despite our differences–as a place to write, live, and love WITHOUT BORDERS.


Something that I feel deeply about in this life is that you should invite and embrace the uniqueness of an individual. In present day America, I am seeing lots of division and divisiveness based on gender, religion, race, sexuality, you name it, and I am seeing an inability for people to realize that you can both love someone AND disagree with them. It seems that the common thought has become that if you do not agree with someone, you are intolerant and incapable of loving them. But I am here to offer my experiences as the opposite being true–that you can both love someone AND disagree with them.

One thing I have loved since childhood is different cultures, perhaps because they offer new and unique insights into life and living that I have not previously experienced. And I believe that is a beautiful thing. I have spent countless hours talking with and learning from people from other countries and religions. I may disagree with them about some things, but I believe that each of these people I have interacted with have a beauty and a perspective worth being heard. It is my belief that even though I may disagree with some of what they say, that I am able to–AND SHOULD–love them, without any borders to that love. I believe everyone has a story that is worth being told. I believe YOU have a story worth being told.

I am hoping that this forum of my letters will create a space to express differences while still holding to loving people, despite–and perhaps in light–of our differences.

If you are looking for a place of authenticity, for a place where opinions can be expressed and discussed without judgment, for a place where unpopular views may be discussed openly, for a place where community can be formed online despite “borders” of sexuality, religion, gender, race, etc., then welcome. I am excited for this new journey and hope that any insight or experience I share can in some way encourage someone else out there who may be reading this.

I invite you into this journey with me–this journey of living and loving WITHOUT BORDERS.

Yours truly,

Mackenzie Ryan

One thought on “Dear Readers,

  1. Wow! Mackenzie, I love this. I have pretty much always felt the same way. We’re here to love and support each other, despite our differences. I personally believe in trying to “out love” somebody that I have differences with. Good for you, for putting your feelings in print!!

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