Giving Hope

Little Zambian boy standing against a wall and wearing a "love works" t-shirt.

This young boy was brought to the Mothers Without Borders’ Children’s Resource Center (CRC) from our partner organization, House of Moses, which cares for infants and toddlers. As a baby, he had been found near a pile of charcoal which his mother, who had been struggling with severe mental health challenges, had used as a shelter before abandoning him. A woman in the community found him and immediately took him to the hospital. When he came to live at the CRC, he was very sick and doctors told our Country Director, Josephine, that if he did not respond well to the medication, he would need regular blood transfusions. Unfortunately, the waitlist was long and the only way to get treatments sooner was to bring volunteers to donate blood. When Josephine told the staff and children at the CRC about his condition, every child who was old enough to donate blood immediately volunteered. These kids saw that their new brother needed their help and they did not hesitate. They saw him, loved him, and were there for him when he needed them. He has responded well to the first rounds of medication and his health has improved immensely! He has started Grade 2 at the Carol Zulu Primary School and is already at the top of his class. When he grows up, he dreams of being a soldier.


Jackie Skinner with a group of people.

Our New CEO

A MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS We are pleased to announce the new CEO of Mothers Without Borders, Jackie Skinner. Jackie is a dynamic

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